Author: Saadut
•8:35 PM

The want and desire to move out for careers and lifestyle, all that air of imported and practiced "jeans clad westernized ethics" having plagued our society to no end; we must have lost connection to our roots somewhere in that, even after so many killings, rapes, genocide and forced social anti-baptism happening around us they are treated as "daily occurrences". Our society "Kashmiri" has learned (or unlearned) to mourn for one day and forget the next. The "Jessica Lal" and "Ms. Mattoo" kind of fervor for justice does not seem to be happening in Kashmir.

Mostly because our social intellect having gone rusty, our synergies driven by the lust of racing with the main land (on a single leg) and partly because of the "nipunsak" political class in Kashmir who thrive at the alms of Delhi and prey on the corpses of Kashmiri’s ; have we reached a stage that we can afford to ignore and turn deaf to cries of otherwise heart rendering agony of destroyed families, ruptured social fabric, chilling wails of the weaker sex and mechanized killings of youth by the State machinery? The Kashmiri society prefers to turn a blind eye (most of them). Crying hoarse one moment and going for a corpse silence the next. What kind of human race are we?

We grieve, show agony in the same breath that we glutton mutton (read relish wazwaan). We talk high ethics and practice cloaks and dagger theories in reality. We are proud of or belief, but retain the belief to shelves only, indoctrinating some other contrasts in life. Are we scripting and designing our own extinction? The enemy within us is busy digging our graves and we nourish the same hidden Satan. Each death, each grief is preceded with more forgotten grief and succeeded with more criminal silence. "Yeh kiss ka lahu, koun mara"

Are we an re incarnation of Lemmings (or have they copied self destruction, mass suicides from us)?

What are we? Can we ever describe our selves correctly?
Do we deserve to be called a Nation?

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