Author: Saadut
•8:20 PM

If I stick to my religion I am termed as a fanatic: if I prick holes in it I am a moderate.

If I defend the right to my beliefs I am an ‘prayer capped terror suspect’ : If I let one and all trample my beliefs (if any of these are still left within me) I am a moderate.

If I protest the state barricading my prayer halls, my shrines I am an extremist: If I show indifference to my holy places I am a moderate.

If I voice concern against the state denying me the right to Idd-e Milad processions I am an extremist: If I keep quite I am a moderate. Another point the state allows all other religious processions in my vicinity and I wholeheartedly welcome them.

If I voice concern about human rights of my people trampled, erased and forced to a holocaust, I am an extremist. And when I also raise concern about rights of other communities in my land, ‘Ohh these are nothing but crocodile tears’.

If they demolish my prayer places and I protest, I am a fanatic: If I keep quiet and allow the prayer place rubble attempt to bury my faith I am a moderate.

If I demand my democratic rights I am a Talibanised Extremist: If I allow you to force puppetry and remote stringed jackboots upon my land I am a moderate.

If I remind you of the horrendous wrongs done to my people, who stand decimated by sheer muscle & barrel I am an extremist: If I allow them to carry on this mayhem and blood gore I am a moderate.

If I correct your attempted distortion of our history I am a fanatic: If I agree to all your half truths and malicious lies I am a moderate.

If I dream and strive for justice for my homeland I am an extremist: If I let the jack boot march on the hapless souls of my homeland become a norm without any whimper or defiance, I am a moderate.

If I want to live free, without suffocation, chains, barricades, free from the shadows of barrel, free from anarchy, free from devils clutches, I am an extremist : If I let you barter my homeland, sell its bounties, bruise my soul, kill my nation, create an empire on body counts, I am a moderate.

If this is your definition of a moderate, I may not be the one you are looking for.

10th July 2011