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The emperor had heard the prediction that this year’s ‘unusually extended spring’ season was already over; summer had crossed the Borijal passes south of the kingdom. The white elephant army had recently moved the Terra throne from the winter palaces of Jamarkand to the summer gardens of his kingdom. But no sooner had the emperor come to the summer gardens city, that he was disturbed and annoyed by the babble of this place; packs of wolves masquerading as dogs running amok in a major part of this city, babies being lost in  another part. Even before he could enjoy the ‘spring in summer’ air, he had had enough of this ‘cheap clamor’ of commoners. In earlier times kings would escape to the hunt of the wild when scorching heat invaded their capitals; in today’s modern times, jungles of concrete had become the hunting grounds. So where could the emperor escape to from this noise? He tried the snow horse on the western peaks, but then boredom gave away by the evening.

The Emperors work affairs had diminished since much of it had been outsourced already; his local ‘awami durbars’ had since long been handed over to the cavalry who held them with alarming frequency, the talent hunt and skill development work of commoner youth had been handed over to the kotwali. Remaining works of administrative matters in quietitude were being handled by the Jaagirdaars while all proclamations of the kingdom were managed by the celestial tablet - spirituality of the ‘Apple’ God had been invoked here. 
As a guardian of the kingdom, this role had been predestined for the Emperor; but he had gone further than earlier Kings to this throne by the fierce distribution of governance down the line, seemingly to ‘force ensure’ order. Such an arrangement ensured he had enough time to pursue his interests; he loved horses of different breeds most of them Nordic or German studs, chuckled at happenings in faraway kingdoms and of course he had his companion the mystical tablet. But still he felt the need to break away from this routine of the palace-to-courtroom monotony.

One of those cloudy and pouring evenings, when rain drenches the commoners’ rags all the way to his skin, when babies sleep to rain lullabies, the Royal Tarot reader was summoned. Knowing that without the Emperor there would be no Imperial dictum, the Royal Tarot reader would sometimes predict when there were no predictable predictions worth predicting, but since the job of prediction was linked to his survival, the Tarot predicted out of parroted instinct. Considering this prediction was supposed to surpass the boundaries of the city din, the Tarot reader cast a view far beyond it. Some days ago the Tarot reader had come to know of a wedding that was to take place by the edge of the northern peaks, in the house of a Zamindaar (who owed his power existence and allegiance to the Emperors nomination and appointment). The northern peaks were what had remained as the farthest border end of this kingdom after it had been divided in war between two Siamese twins decades ago. It was here that the shallow stream had become unbridgeable since then. 
“Badshah Salamat” the Tarot reader submitted “by the northern peaks there lays a fragrant meadow with fresh air, where the noise of this city will not penetrate. Here, where the summer air has no dominance over the spring breeze, a feast has been ordained in your honor and you have been destined to relish that. Take the lead mighty Emperor, and take your viziers and nobles along, for this shall bring good fortune to your throne.” The Emperor was delighted “a feast in my honor?” “Yes Baadshah Salamat, a feast! On the night the skies are clear, when the half moon shall appear to beam like a solitaire and clouds have given way to a clear sky, the celestial tablet shall announce your travel”

The Tarot cards having been pronounced, the celestial tablet made the proclamation. The feast took half a day to relish, after four days of arranging and cleaning. The Zamindaar host elevated and spirited has been virtually sleepwalking since the Emperor relished his feast. At the feast, the Emperor announced a new horse track for the meadow where even a place was marked for the foundation stone. Villagers of this meadow quietly hope that the foundation stone will be laid sometime in the future.

Back in the garden city, the noise continues undiminished, hence the Emperor has asked the Royal Tarot reader to foresee and predict more such expeditions. Meanwhile the cavalry and the kotwali continue to run the affairs of kingdom, pack of wolves cloaked as dogs still continue to terrorize the city dwellers, babies are still being lost here.

Soon it will be time for the white elephants to carry the Terra throne to the winter palaces and everything will continue here as before…

Long live the kingdom! 

31st May, 2012

P.S *This is a work of fiction and resemblance to any person / event / kingdom / throne is purely coincidental and unintentional*

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