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Four months the kashmir valley will never forget. 
An enquiry into the mass uprising of 2010

For four months following June 2010, the Kashmir valley was torn by mass protests – locally called the uprising or intifada – which were met with overwhelming force by Indian security forces. Curfews and closures were frequent, often shading into each other. Well over a hundred were killed, most of them students and youth. Hundreds were injured, many of them possibly incapacitated in one way or the other for life. Those killed and injured could have been active protesters, but also those who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But there are also cases, as this report points out, where mourners and even
people engaged in daily activities have been indiscriminately fired upon. An independent fact-finding team went to the Kashmir valley at the end of October to go into the totality of the situation, principally to inquire into the causes for the unconscionably large number of deaths that have occurred in this phase of mass agitation. The present report deals with various facets of the situation that civilians in the Kashmir valley faced in a season of unabated turmoil.

( Thankful to Bela Bhatia and team who allowed me to share this report )

four months the kashmir valley will never forget : An enquiry into the mass uprising of 2010

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