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(True incident shared by Mr Maqsood Shahdad )

Government of India is giving a state funeral to the Indian spy Sarabjit Singh who was facing death penalty in Pakistan and passed away in a Pakistani hospital. What double standards does India practice?  I will relate a true story, an eye opener to all, particularly the Kashmiri Muslims working for Indian agencies.

Some 18 years back I was approached by a Tehsildar in Jammu who asked me to accompany him to a place in Sunjwani, where a Kashmiri Muslim migrant family was residing. The man and his family had run away from Islamabad town (in District Anantnag) Kashmir, they were now residing in Sunjwani after reportedly being ‘harassed’ by Mujahideen there. The Tehsildar briefed me before meeting the person; here is what he told me, what he wanted me to convey and get an answer from that Kashmiri person.

“Mr Shahdad, this person’s brother was working for Indian intelligence agencies in Pakistan and was arrested there and after some years in jail has died there. We have been informed through foreign office to find out from his close relatives (and family) whether they would be interested in getting him buried there in Pakistan or bring him to India. In the latter case the family will have to bear the expenses. Please ask him in Kashmiri as he does not understand my language. I would also prefer you to explain him in Kashmiri and get his answer just now, as I have to inform my bosses. It is an urgent matter”.

When I met that person and told him everything in Kashmiri, he replied “Sir, we have worked for the Indian government and faced so many hardships, even fled from home and (his) brother had died for India, yet see what they are telling me. We would surely like to get his dead body back here, but we are poor people and cannot afford the cost. Isn't it their responsibility to get his dead body here?” He paused and implored “By the way how much will it cost?”

In the heart of my heart I felt so bad. Then I asked the Tehsildar who was accompanying me “how much will it (getting the corpse back for burial) cost?”

The Tehsildar replied “40,000/- approximately”

I adequately informed the man. He was stunned, stood mute like a stone and collapsed on the floor. I then told the Tehsildar, "it was very unfortunate that the man has worked for Indian intelligence against all odds and had to migrate from Kashmir valley along with all his close relatives and then his brother (who worked for India as a spy) dies in Pakistan for the sake of India. It is not the moral responsibility of Indian government to bring his dead body back here? He has given his life for India and this family is poor, cannot afford the cost of getting his dead body. Please inform your bosses accordingly".

The Tehsildar adamantly replied “No ! I have been asked to find out the answer in simple Yes or No. Nothing more”

After this indifference by the Indian government and their denial of bringing back the corpse, the man was buried in Pakistan and his family denied even a dead body (leave alone any recognition or sympathy by India). There was no media coverage to declare him a hero, no politicians buzzing around to offer condolences, nobody to grieve with them, no India to outrage.

This is the difference in the attitude, treatment and behavior of Indians towards Hindus and Muslims (even if they serve India to any limits) and that is why I say it is Hindus’Tan.

P.S : We should not also forget the fate of those renegades who killed innocents in Kashmir for the sake of India and then were erased by Indian forces without a trace. Remember how Major Avtar Singh is known to have killed and disposed off the renegades who had earlier carried his orders for murdering innocents in Kashmir (and how India helped Avtar Singh flee later on). Remember how Kashmiri Muslims will never be treated as one of their own by India, not even the staunchest pro New Delhi politicians here. 

2nd May 2013 

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