Author: Saadut
•7:31 PM

What you cannot scale, you will smear and slander. Holds true for people who are so blinded by contempt and jealousy that their exaggerated egos get sharpened only to become shovels digging own ditches.

Hate and prejudice stems from self-importance, which itself stems from an inner sense of guilt and inferiority. Such negative mental structure and outlook is born from fear, hate and subconscious acceptance of internal failures. When we point fingers at others we are pointing more fingers at our own self, in our hidden but deep sense of defeat and guilt. And it is this defeatist guilt that people use to waste own lives while offended and accusing someone else.

Every ego filled hate is driven by inner guilt, of not being able to come at par to the one we aim the muck at. People, who think this ego filled hate against others and its selfish expression is a mind easing, soul freeing redemption, are only lying to self. In beliefs of ‘I am healing myself by venting out my hate’ such people in reality are only flogging self and letting demonic negativity control them.

Most of this self inflated ego filled hate is actually directed towards the haters own inner self, who then reflects this hate to the outside. All this muck and prejudice is a reflection of internal judgments of these haters like the proverbial ‘mirror mirror on the wall’. Such hatred also takes root in insecurities that blossom in self denial or self-abhorrence. The denial of a moving and indifferent world, that least cares about your failures and carries on leaving you behind, creates an illusion for these haters. For conscious people such self prejudices are curbed by a realization of each individual being created by the same super natural force yet each individual being different.

Sadly such hate filled ego is often sold as propaganda, most of it being personal, social, political or ambitious. For example everyone sporting beard in Egypt becomes Al Qaida for Al Sissi and his gang, yet everyone wanting the return of democracy here may not be a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. And like hate, its progeny propaganda is also convenient. Like the one who supports Assad in Syria will be labeled a fascist agent, one who opposes Assad (and supports Saudi financed anti Assad rebels) will be labeled a Wahhabi agent, while one who opposes both Assad and Saudis in Syria will be labeled an Israeli Zionist agent. 

In Kashmir, the confinement of our minds under conflict barriers and our reluctance to embrace enlightenment by civility and direction has severely limited the ability of many to comprehend. Many of us often let loose our inner demons of hate and prejudge, when faced with a mental challenge or a formidable task. This antipathy and disgust is also used as a convenient propaganda to ‘abuse what we cannot win or become’.

Like one who speaks against the deeds of the ‘in power political tyranny’ in Kashmir becomes an ‘opposition ka agent’ for some, while the same guy also speaking against the policies of the opposition becomes a ‘separatist agent’ for the same opposition. And when the same person speaks against the indifference of some separatists, he becomes an ‘Indian agent’ for them. All these labels become subservient to convenience of timings for the haters, ignoring his impartiality. Such label firing haters in reality emboss this hate rant into their consciousness in such a way that they soon start its propagation fuelled by a false belief. For weaker humans, even small events like a rejection of a friend request on social networks, a un-follow elsewhere or even a refusal by the elder and mature to be drawn into an infatuation, can provoke such hate, hostility and muckraking. Sometimes underdeveloped minds of kids, who cherish an idol but fail to emulate even a fraction of him, or fail to draw his attention on visible networks, often develop loathe and malevolence against them. Such malevolence in these haters is then sharpened by calumny, defamation or even cheap plagiarism against the unsuspecting senior.

"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."---- Hermann Hesse

Since most of these hate filled rants are unsubstantiated lies, they are only supported by a repetition by the liar, in the belief that ‘a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth’. Such muck aimed at the sky often retraces back, but till then much harm will have already been done.

With such ego filled hate and slanderous prejudice prevalent in Kashmir, one wonders why does India have to station 700,000 armed troops to pin Kashmiris down. They could have left us on our own for a brief period and watch Kashmiris decimate themselves by aiming these slander guns at each other. Some of these hate guns within Kashmiris will be used to cull opposition or competition while some ego guns would be fired in an attempt to be victorious on our own inferiority complex.

Self hate can only be cured by education and belief in self. And education was never a synonym for literacy.