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4th Bridge, Srinagar . Early 1900's

4th Bridge Srinagar, Photo 1945

Missionary School for Girls in Kashmir
Photo late 1800's : Boys leaving school in Srinagar

Privileged and the boat

Early 1900's

Kashmiri Carpet being readied for export to Chicago in 1920

Vaccinating in Kashmir (1939)

Awantipur, Kashmir (pic 1880)

Baramullah, Kashmir (1860)

Amira Kadal (1950)

Uri rope bridge (1915)

Cecil Biscoe being awarded (1912)

CMS School welcoming the Maharaja (early 1900's)

 Kashmir Cricket Team (1915)

Gagribal Ghat, Dal Gate (Early 1900's) 

Eid Prayers, Srinagar (1929)

Dispensary (early 1900's)

Dogra Maharaja's boat in Srinagar (early 1900's)

Fair Ground (early 1900's)

Fateh Kadal (Srinagar, 1906 pic)

  Spear Fishing in the Dal Lake (early 1900's)

Fishing in the Dal Lake (1945)

Forced Child Labour (early 1900's) While a Pandit official looks at them

Gulmarg (1915)

Hari Parbat (Kohimaraan) 1920

Hazratbal Fair (1920)

Hazratbal Ghat (1920)

Leh (early 1900's)

Holton Cottage (early 1900's)

River Jehlum, Srinagar (1912 pic)

Quaid e Azam Jinnah (with Shiekh Abdullah) Pic of 1944

Kashmir (1920's)

Food Bazaar, Early 1900's

'Kashmir Sedan'

Kashmiri Woman, 1907

Fishermen, 1922

Milkmen on way to city, 1922 pic

Lal Mandi, Srinagar. 1904 pic

View from Takhte Suliemaan (presently M.A Road), 1903 pic

Budshah Bridge, Srinagar 1970

Document of Accession (notice the overwriting on the dates of ‘26th of August’ to October) 

Early 1900's photograph of 'Takht-e-Sulaiman' (tagged such), proving that this hill was known such since centuries.

Early 1900's (probably 1906) pic tagged 'View Of The Takht-i-Suleiman'.

"Yarkand Sarai' at Srinagar ; 1934 pic

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